Your landscape is a valuable asset and trees are its most expensive component. Properly-maintained trees and shrubs can add 15% or more to your home’s value. Armstrong Tree Experts will partner with you to promote the health and safety of your trees and shrubs in our challenging suburban environment.

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What are your goals? Removing dead, broken, or dangerous tree limbs? Increasing the clearance between tree branches and your roof? Training a young tree? Taming an overgrown shrub? Thinning to reduce wind resistance/storm damage? Whatever your goals, Armstrong’s expert pruners will achieve them with proper pruning techniques that protect the health of your trees and shrubs.

Plant Health Diagnosis

Not every bug and leaf spot needs to be treated with pesticide. Infestations and infections should be assessed, but some are not a threat to the health of the tree or shrub. Application of pesticides may kill beneficial insects and cause other environmental harm.


Fertilization is very profitable and done too often, in our opinion. Arborists have only recently begun to understand that overuse of fertilizers can actually create pest problems. However, when appropriate, proper fertilization can make a profound improvement in the vigor of a tree or shrub.


Properly installed hardware can improve the safety and protect the appearance of a valued tree or shrub.


Sometimes removal is the only choice — following significant storm damage or death – and sometimes removal is the smart choice. If the wrong species was selected for the site, the plant will not thrive. Starting over with a plant suited to the site conditions is a cost-effective choice for a more attractive landscape and a happier owner. No matter how large or small the removal job, Armstrong can handle it promptly and safely.

Stump Grinding

Powerful machines create a pile of shredded mulch where the stump used to be.

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